What makes Calico
Biosystems so special?

Whole intact patient tumor

We have over 10 years of experience working with intact patient tumors.

Our model is the closest to cancer patient. We maintain the complexity, heterogeneity and all cellular components. Therefore, we can test any kind of anti-cancer therapeutics (drugs, small and large molecules, cell and virus-based therapies).

Know your enemy if you want to fight it.

Proprietary processing

We have developed our proprietary processing and cryopreservation.

We guarantee the best results and ensure the best viability of each patient specimen.

Only best quality specimens ensure the best results for our customers.

Predictive dynamical

We predict new potent combinations using dynamical modeling.

Accelerate your clinical success. Embark with us a rational design of combination therapy with experimental validation on patient tumors.

Focus only on drug combinations that are life-changing for patients.


Calico Biosystems is your partner to predict the clinical efficacy of your anti-cancer drugs at pre-clinical stage and to transition your lead candidate to the clinic successfully.

Partner with us to make it happen. With over 10 years of experience and more than 250 patient tumor samples validated, we know how to answer your key questions:

Is my drug / combination more effective that standard of care?

What is the Mechanism of Action of my drug?

With what drug shall I combine my drug to enhance its efficacy?

What are the expression levels of my therapeutic target in patient tumors ?

We already have successfully tested :

Conventional chemotherapy

Radio therapy




Nanoparticle-based therapy

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